Park & Ride Conditions for Cophall Parking Gatwick (CPG)

The P&R Conditions only apply to customers using our Park & Ride Service and must be read in conjunction with our Standard Terms and Conditions ('Conditions') which are available to view on our website and are hereby incorporated into the P&R Conditions.

1. Definitions

The following terms shall have the following meanings: 'booking' a request for the Services completed and submitted by you or on your behalf; 'booking confirmation' the confirmation issued by us of your booking which shall include a reference number, the parking period dates and the price to be paid by you; 'car park' the car park located at the Premises; 'Minibus' the vehicle on which we will transport you from the car park to the airport; 'CPG', 'we', 'us', 'our' Airport Parking Rentals (Gatwick) Ltd trading as Cophall Parking Gatwick (a company registered in England and Wales under number 10415339) whose registered office is at Group First House, 12a Mead Way, Burnley BB12 7NG; 'Park & Ride Service' the service by which you drive the Vehicle to the car park; 'parking period' the parking period inclusive of the dates shown on the booking confirmation; 'Party' each of you and us; 'Premises' Cophall Parking Gatwick, Effingham Road, Copthorne, West Sussex, RH10 3HZ; 'Services' the provision of parking services by CPG; 'Vehicle' the vehicle details of which appear on the booking confirmation; 'Website'; 'you' the customer whose name appears on the booking confirmation whether or not that person made the booking or is the Vehicle owner;

2. Your responsibilities: Check-in time

2.1 Transport between the car park and Gatwick airport leaves 'on demand'; we will schedule our Minibuses to the time you specify you expect to arrive at the car park. If you do not arrive at the time you stated on your booking we cannot be held responsible if you are not transferred to the airport within the advertised time period. You are responsible for arriving at the car park in good time (at least one hour before the airline's recommended check-in time) so you can arrive at the airport check-in desk by the airline's recommended check-in time.

2.2 If you arrive at CPG before midnight on the date of your travel, we are able to accommodate you however you may be charged for an extra day parking.

2.3 CPG are not able to offer any refunds or accept liability if you are unable to find the car park and as a result use alternative parking elsewhere, directions are detailed direction on our website and can also be posted to you on request. Our phone lines are manned 24 hours a day every day providing opportunity for you to contact a member of staff for directions in the event that you cannot locate the Premises.

3. Lost key receipt cards

3.1 You must produce the key receipt card we have provided when you reclaim the Vehicle. If you lose the receipt, or ticket, we will need proof of your and the Vehicle owner's identity and we may make other enquiries we think are reasonable. Failure to produce the receipt or ticket may delay your departure.

3.2 If you realise that the key receipt card has been lost or stolen, you should let us know immediately and send us a fax or email with your name and address. This should tell us not to release the Vehicle until you return. We will also require proof of your and the Vehicle owner's identity when you collect the vehicle as per Condition 3.1.

4. Vehicle security

4.1 You must leave your car keys at the car park. If you do not do this, we reserve the right to move the Vehicle in any way we can and will not be legally responsible for any damage caused.

4.2 When you arrive at the car park, please make your way to reception with your luggage and your car keys, leaving the Vehicle locked.

4.3 Please leave any alarms and immobilisers off as they may drain the battery. Please also leave your radio/stereo off.

4.4 No manual security devices (such as crook locks) must be used.


5. Safety in the arrivals car park

5.1 Drive slowly and carefully in the arrivals car park and follow the directional signs.

5.2 Car parks can be dangerous. Please take notice and adhere to the instructional signs. After parking, go to the reception or nearest exit, these are signposted. Do not wander about the car park. Keep a careful eye on your children and do not allow them to play in the car park.

6. Transport to and from airport

6.1 You will be transferred to and from Gatwick airport in one of our eight seated Minibuses. As we operate on demand we will schedule your place on board a Minibus at the time you advised us. Your driver will be aware of the passengers he or she is to take and will call you by name to advise you which bus to board. Our receptionists will also make you aware of which driver is to take you and where to go prior to boarding the Minibus.

6.2 Should you wish to bring your own child seat on board the Minibus for the journey to the airport you may fit the seat in the minibus yourself. We are able, if requested, to then return the seat to our main office and store it for you until your return. On return we will bring the child seat on the Minibus to the airport for you but again you will need to fit the child seat yourself (however this may delay your pick up from the airport). We accept no responsibility for the fitting of child seats.

6.3 You cannot bring animals on the Minibus without prior agreement from a CPG Manager.

6.4 Our drivers are responsible for loading your luggage into the Minibus, however we do reserve the right that our driver may refuse to load very heavy luggage.

6.5 The driver is responsible for the safety of the Minibus. The driver may ask any passenger he believes to be a danger or potential danger to the Minibus or its passengers to leave the Minibus or prevent them boarding.

6.6 No food or drinks are to be consumed on the Minibus. The driver has the right to refuse boarding of the Minibus should you be in possession of any food or drink when the driver meets you; this may delay your transfer to or from the airport.

7. Moving the vehicle

The Vehicle will remain in our car park. We will move the Vehicle from the arrivals car park in the front of reception to the main compound at the rear of reception, where it will remain for the parking period. Approximately 12 hours prior to your return we will move the Vehicle out of the main compound into a smaller returns area to the side of the main compound. Just prior to your return to the car park we will then move the Vehicle into the arrivals car park (where you parked when you arrived with us). This process allows you to exit the car park as quickly as possible on your return.



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